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3 Things Startups Need to Know About Converting Customers

It’s easy to get distracted or overwhelmed when so much is happening simultaneously, but as the founder of any startup, it is important to recognize your priorities and remain focused on the tasks that are paramount to the growth of your business.

Acquiring and converting new clients are two areas that deserve your highest regard and require your undivided attention. Success in these areas will ensure a thriving business for your company, and guarantee future growth.

Today’s increasingly competitive technology sector brings along numerous ways of converting customers. Here are three things that stand out among the rest that every founder of a tech startup needs to know:

Your Web Presence Matters

There are many different types of companies that classify themselves as tech startups, and although most vary in their specialty area, one thing is universal – the need for a solid web presence. This starts with a great company website.

Having a solid web presence isn’t just throwing out any generic site into the World Wide Web and calling it a day. The website of a tech start up needs to be innovative, revolutionary, and fully functioning to its users. This is especially effective in generating high conversion rates.

There are a lot of resources to be used to get people to visit a brand’s site, and it is essential that they don’t go to waste because your website is displeasing to your viewers. Having a faulty site is the easiest way to loose out on converting prospective customers. Your site’s design will play a significant role in the current success and future growth of your business. It is important to utilize social media platforms, and invest in a good web design so your brand is presented as something fresh, new and unique.

Think About Maximizing Clicks

Maximizing the value of each and every click on their website is something most entrepreneurs don’t think about, but this could mean the difference between success and failure of your business.

With the endless number of online websites, and with competition for clicks growing, generating traffic to your site is becoming a much more difficult and necessary task. Because of this, companies who are already struggling for clicks need to make sure that their visitors end up taking revenue-generating action when they visit the page.

Marketplace Competition Affects Earnings Per Click

Turn as many of your visitors that you can into paying customers. Achieve the highest possible conversion rate. These are two of your top priorities as the founder of a startup.

You should also be aiming for high earnings per click, and can increase their EPC by swapping out merchant links and replacing them with higher-paying links. This creates the incentive for advertisers to compete for exposure, and drives up EPC.

For advertisers this means brand exposure is hard to come by and that conversion rates matter even more. For online publishers and bloggers increased competition results in generating more revenue, which has made it more expensive and difficult to gain exposure. Many companies are starting to pay more to be seen less, causing conversion rates to decline. By playing your cards right, a startup can make sure its conversion rates remain the same.


As the tech industry evolves and expands, it’s important for founders of startups to understand the state of the marketplace and the best way to convert visitors into customers.

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