The Challenge

Atrium Staffing was founded in 1995 by Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal, in response to what she felt was missing in the staffing agency: a focus on the quality, treatment and concern for applicants and employees. Today, Atrium attracts and places the market’s highest quality candidates, and is recognized as a top boutique agency for small, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies looking to find their brightest, most diverse employees.

Though very successful, there was a lack of brand awareness for the staffing firm in areas of business, HR and payrolling. Without a strong media and thought leadership presence, Atrium was not reaching its potential to be a leader in the staffing space.

In 2011, Atrium Staffing elected Emerging Media to increase their presence in several diverse markets in order to drive new corporate customers and applicants. The staffing firm sought to increase brand awareness, develop new and recurring media opportunities and identify awards and events to demonstrate their industry and market leadership.

Our work with The New York Times created new business opportunities for Atrium Staffing.
  • Results

    Through working with Emerging Media, Atrium gained feature length media coverage in key industry, local, regional and national publications including: Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Crain’s New York Business, Huffington Post, US News & World Reports, The New York Times, Glamour, Cosmopolitan Latina, and many more. Our work with The New York Times created new business opportunities for Atrium Staffing. Since 2011, Emerging Media has secured over 70 media placements, which has positioned Atrium Staffing as an absolute market leader, and has lead to numerous inbound sales.

  • Strategy


    Emerging Media developed targeted messaging to break through the media and customer audiences, while focusing on the values of Atrium’s signature approach to staffing.

    Media Training & Thought Leadership

    Our expert staff trained Atrium’s executive spokespeople to be thought leaders, and pitched them as valued resources for journalists and reporters in the staffing space. Through contributed content, Atrium developed a strong presence within several blogs and major publications, building key relationships with the top influencers in staffing and HR. Additionally, Emerging Media positioned CEO and founder, Rebecca Cenni, as a visionary female business leader.

    Media Relations

    By closely following regional job trends, unemployment stats, diversity challenges and other HR issues, Emerging Media was able to offer Atrium’s expertise, as well as emphasize their trademark Applicant-Centric philosophy, a key differentiator in the staffing world.

Since 2011, Emerging Media has secured over 70 media placements.

Case Studies