The Challenge

In 2010, Toddy Gear, a start-up consumer product company, reached out to Emerging Media for help with its branding, marketing, social media and public relations initiatives around the launch of its new “smart-cloth”, designed to clean electronic products such as iPads.

To make the launch as successful as possible, Emerging Media helped to develop the branding and messaging for Toddy Gear, and crafted an aggressive public relations and social media campaign to launch the company. This included a soft launch of the company in November 2011 to meet the holiday shopping season and a full launch at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in order to attract both retail and wholesale customers.

The company was featured in two USA Today articles yielding $14,000 in direct sales, all in just 3 days.
  • Results

    Emerging Media organized Toddy Gear’s participation in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, the largest trade show in the world. Toddy’s participation garnered tremendous media coverage and reviews of the product. Emerging Media was also able to secure several speaking slots for Toddy Gear executives, seen by thousands of people over the course of the 3-day trade show.

    Between December 2010 and May 2011, Emerging Media garnered more than 50 articles about Toddy Gear. The company was featured in two USA Today articles yielding $14,000 in direct sales, all in just 3 days. The Toddy was chosen by Mac/Life as one of their “Favorite Things”. The top 15 articles yielded more than 35 million impressions and returned an Earned Media Value of $616,895. By casting a wide net, Emerging Media was able to reach a broad range of media verticals, including business, entrepreneur, technology, fashion, and lifestyle outlets, mommy and tech blogs as well broadcast venues including ABC, NBC and others.

  • Strategy

    Emerging Media created an integrated branding, strategic messaging, marketing, social media and public relations strategy that focused on the theme of “Dirty, Sexy Gadgets” and how The Toddy cleaned them up. The campaign included:

    The Toddy Story

    We developed the Dirty Sexy Gadget Story and Todd’s inspiration for the Toddy. Playing on the fashionable aspect of the cloth and the gadgets it cleaned, the concept struck a nerve with reporters, bloggers and consumers.

    Prizing and Gifts

    To gain favor with influential bloggers, we conducted a prizing and gift campaign over social media that encouraged bloggers to set up contests so their readers could win free Toddys. We also found and coordinated opportunities to distribute product samples in gift bags for multiple fashion and consumer related events.

    Social Media Engagement

    Customized FB Pages: We developed FBML pages that allowed customers to order through the Toddy Gear FB page.

    Smudge Free Friday Contest: We developed and administered a successful Facebook contest that garnered more than 300 entries in 6 weeks, using Wildfire software.

    Repurposing Media Coverage: Twitter was the perfect venue to share media coverage and create our own mini news feed on all things iPad, iPhone and anything else that was touchscreen related. The campaign garnered hundreds of followers in just weeks.

    YouTube Demos: Rather than create a custom Toddy Gear channel for such a young brand, we decided to leverage “free media” and post all of the online and broadcast reviews on YouTube, Facebook and the Toddy Gear website. To date, these reviews have been seen more than 1000 times on YouTube alone.

The Toddy was chosen by Mac/Life as one of their “Favorite Things”.

Case Studies