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Emerging Media Recognized as a Leading Public Relations Agency and Marketing Firm


Many consultants and organizations identify themselves as either a public relations firm, marketing agency or both. For most companies, finding the right partner to improve your brand image, help you generate buzz or work through complex reputation challenges can prove challenging.

The Business Intelligence Group – founded with the mission of recognizing true talent and superior performance in the business world – went on a mission to find the best of the best in our industry. As a result, Emerging Media was recognized by the Business Intelligence Group 2016 PR & Marketing Excellence Awards for it’s breakthrough work with Advantages.

For 20+ years, Advantages has created beautiful and award-worthy campaigns and marketing materials. They grew to become the agency that gets brands noticed, but they never thought to do it for themselves. Wanting to bring in new clients and get noticed for what they’re great at – Purpose-driven marketing – Advantages knew they had to enlist the help of an outside agency that could guide them to the market validation they sought.

Enter Emerging Media. With 15 years of experience and an established partner agency, Emerging Media knew that the best way to get Advantages critical third-party validation was to build a robust awards program. We created a three-phased strategy that would effectively get Advantages noticed and allow them to continue applying for killer awards for years to come.

After six months of working together, Advantages won 15 industry awards including the Hermes, Marcom, The Communicator, The AVA Digital, Davey and W3 and PPAI Awards. Also, Advantages made the 2015 Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies for the first time. Advantages was in the top 22% of the list with three-year sales growth of 383% and ranked among the top 100 companies in New York. Now, Advantages has the market validation to prove that they are a force in the industry and have a proven process to bring them success year after year.

“The demand for strategic communications continues to grow, as we are in the golden age of content,” said Russ Fordyce, managing director of the Business Intelligence Group. “The role public relations and marketing play is more important than ever, as consumers are continuing to evolve how they are evaluating brands, products and people. We are so proud to recognize the real leaders within the firms, agencies and corporations that are finding new ways to more effectively communicate.”

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