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From Youtube Star to Brand Powerhouse – Michelle Phan

From Youtube Star to Being Her Very Own Brand Powerhouse – Michelle Phan

michelle-phanIf you’re a makeup lover between the ages of 13 and 25, you’ve probably heard of the YouTube sensation, Michelle Phan. If you aren’t one of her millions of loyal followers, or her ‘phanatics’, then you have probably seen her in a YouTube ad campaign, along with two other dynamic YouTube personalities.

What started as a personal hobby for Michelle, and a simple yet powerful way to give young women the makeup advice they most craved, catapulted into a massive brand powerhouse. Phan was the first female to gain one million YouTube subscribers (she now has close to 8 million)! You go girl!

Phan’s story is groundbreaking– connecting with her online fans has generated opportunities she never dreamed of – including a partnership with a big name cosmetic company, national magazine and press coverage and a newly formed partnership with a massive digital production company. What’s the key to Michelle Phan’s massive success? We’d attribute it to four things: 1) Her content is original and engaging. 2) She’s stayed 100% true to her fans through all of the skyrocketing success. 3) She’s kept a completely consistent brand message. And 4) She’s got a killer personality. Let’s dive into these a little further:

  1. Original and genuinely engaging content: Michelle Phan saw a unique opportunity to give something to her audiences that they couldn’t necessarily find anywhere else for free. She gave them a place where they could learn all the tricks of the trade when it comes to makeup application. She has provided countless tutorials with incredible makeup advice, all completely original and 100% engaging.
  2. She’s stayed 100% true to her fans: With a massive amount of success like that of Michelle Phan’s, you might think it had the potential to all go to her head. But that’s definitely not the case! Phan has actually attributed all of her success to her loyal fans, and she’s always made it all about them. For Michelle, going mainstream wasn’t as important as maintaining the uniquely genuine relationship she had with her followers. And it’s why they love her so much!
  3. Consistent brand message: You probably hear this all the time – it’s essential for brands to keep a consistent voice and message in order to communicate best with followers. Well, Michelle has totally kicked ass in this department. Even though L’Oreal offered to have her newly created makeup line promoted via every channel, Michelle has stayed true to her brand, and has chosen to have it promoted via YouTube and through Google searches. She knows who she is and what her brand stands for, and she continues to rock the message consistently.
  4. Killer personality: Let’s face it. Not everyone has what it takes to become a video platform sensation. What does Michelle have that gives her the star quality? She has an insanely engaging personality – she’s quirky, funny, inspiring and motivational all at the same time. And the Phanatics connect with that.
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