Your brand is the core of your business.

It defines you. It’s your most valuable asset and the force that determines your position in the market. It’s what makes you a disruptor.

Using our Brandthropologist™ Discovery process, we help you identify, develop and promote your brand vision clearly and consistently to produce long-term value to your business and your culture.

  • Brandthropologist Disruptor Questionnaire

    Every new brand is born into an ecosystem, one that it seeks to improve with new ideas and navigating that it takes a Brandthropologist.™ Since our agency is headed by a cultural anthropologist, our award-winning branding, messaging and positioning process is unlike any other. The process begins with an in-depth questionnaire designed to get you and your team thinking about the ecosystem you’re entering, examining your corporate culture, and product features in a whole new way. 

  • Brandthropologist Messaging Discovery Session

    Using the questionnaire results, EM hosts a ½-day creative meeting with your team. Together, we will:

    • Analyze your competitors, the media landscape, and your customer prospects
    • Determine your “why” – why you created the business, why it matters and why the skeptical audiences should care
    • Identify the key differentiators from other competitors in the marketplace
    • Define the human-interest “back story” that will make your company exciting to reporters and customers
    • Tie that story to your internal culture to ensure that you’re not just entering the market, but that you’re embraced by it
  • Positioning & Key Message Development

    Following the Discovery Session, Emerging Media develops the key messages that will form the basis of your marketing efforts. This document acts as a touchstone for your corporate collateral, web copy and future content and public relations efforts.

  • Corporate Collateral & Press Kit

    Your collateral and press kit is designed for use with reporters, editors, and speaking and awards coordinators, to get you connected to real opportunities. Typically, corporate press kit will contain:

    • Company backgrounder
    • Bios and headshots of key personnel
    • One page product/services overview
    • Testimonials