Communication is one thing…

Marketing communications are about driving sales and creating validation for your business or product within its market. We seek to understand every facet of your sales process, and will relentlessly pursue opportunities that drive revenue and move the needle on not only your marketing, but also your business goals.

  • Speaking Opportunities

    We know your time is valuable, so picking the right events and speaking slots is crucial to your success. We look for opps where your team is positioned next to other top experts [and competitors] and where tremendous networking and press opportunities are abundant.

  • Awards

    Nothing says “category killer” like winning an award. It’s a permanent tribute to your company and the team that built it. The result: your reputation and credibility skyrockets. We help you win by:

    • Creating a calendar of upcoming awards and deadlines for submissions
    • Researching and applying for industry, product and business awards
    • Incorporating customer stories, where possible, so that when Forter wins, they win too
    • Following up with the reviewers and editors to address issues and shape the coverage of the results
  • Case Studies

    PR is the art of third party validation, and customer case studies are the ultimate providers of that credibility. They prove that a product not only outperforms the competition, but that someone is willing to put their reputation on the line for it. Emerging Media will:

    • Work with you to identify the ideal customers for case studies
    • Interview customers to find out how your business has made their lives better
    • Draft case studies, obtain approvals and design an attractive format
    • Pitch case studies to relevant media for additional editorial coverage
  • Content Marketing

    Content marketing is the next critical step in establishing your thought leadership. Through smart content, you can identify, engage and influence the most prominent players your industry – and become a voice of innovation. Emerging Media will assist you in drafting and completing the by-lined articles and blogs for placement by:

    • Identifying the best publications, topics and placements
    • Editing them to match the tone and readership of the publication
    • Inserting critical keywords that reflect your SEO/SEM initiatives
    • Pitching the bylines or recent blog posts to appropriate editors
    • Creating tracking mechanisms that foster lead generation and web traffic strategies