A disruptor is someone who breaks through the noise, and has the ambition to be a true catalyst of change

To do so, the world not only has to hear your story, but they have to believe it. And that takes credibility. PR is at the cornerstone of credibility, and we’re here to build it.

  • Positioning & Message Development

    Whether it’s growth, acquisition or IPO, you need the right messaging and positioning to achieve your most sought after goal. As Brandthropologists, our culture is designed to nurture and celebrate the innovative – the disruptive nature – and to capture the essence of your brand’s personality and mission.

  • Mastering the Media Training

    Even the most seasoned spokesperson can get caught off guard. It’s our goal to remove the fear of public speaking, ensure the ultimate confidence and provide the necessary skills to master any media situation.

    Our workshop has been honed from more than 10 years of media training, and is taught each semester at the NYU Arthur L. Clark Graduate School of Journalism.

  • Master Strategy & Planning

    You need to stand out in the marketplace, and it’s our job to shift the focus of the conversations to your business and its differentiators. With thorough research, we’ll help you step into the shoes of your audiences in order to hone in on their insights and experiences, working under a relentless focus on what’s coming next.

    • Acquisition Positioning
    • Post-Merger PR Strategy
    • Company and Product Launches
  • Media Relations

    From sharing your news to “news jacking” the current media cycle and finding your role in it, reporters always crave a great story. Our job is to connect them to your story – over the phone, email, Twitter or coffee. We won’t stop until it’s heard.