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Tell Your Company’s Story Using The Power of PR

Susan spent some time with the folks at BE Furniture, and gave them some insights into the wonderful world of PR. Check it out!



If you’re struggling or challenged with your PR strategies or want to really make the most out of it, then this episode is for you. Today, we’re going to have a chat with Emerging Media co-founder, Susan Lindner.

In this interview you’ll get to know:

  • How Susan started Emerging Media
  • What she thinks about culture
  • Why she things entrepreneurs are born out of adversity
  • How she transitioned from public health and anthropology to becoming an entrepreneur
  • Why she loves working with the underdogs


[3:58] What was the culture like as you had to navigate from the emerging world, from your philanthropic background to the corporate America?
Answer: Yeah, it’s been a very interesting transition working in non-profit organizations, big organizations like Memorial Sloan Kettering or Mount Sinai Hospital and then going to work in non-international non-profit organizations. Just looking at the organizational structure of those types of places, they begin with very solid tracks of how work gets done, information gets processed and how creativity bubbles up to the surface. For me, I enjoy working in those places because you need those structures in order to advance for it in healthcare and medicine. Going off the off the rails like a creative entrepreneur is not always the best way to deliverhealthcare certainly.

[7:25] When you look at the culture of this company, you walk in the door; can you share with our listeners some of the things that you see really positive, some of the things you say, “I don’t think so.” Some of the things you say, “We can make that better by just a couple of tweaks.?
Answer: Yeah, in many cases. It’s recognizing that dynamic and the rough I think and there’s glimmer out there from the physical manifestation. Often times when you walk in the room, you asked yourself whether or not this is a culture that allows creativity to shine through. You can walk by someone’s desk and see whether or not they’ve decorated it. Maybe whether a birthday was celebrated or a particular event in an employee’s life like their recent wedding and maybe there’s little pictures around or maybe co-workers have given gifts or maybe there’s a giant mirror on the wall that someone decided to paint or even just spray paint on the wall.” 

[13:32] What tips do you have for the entrepreneurs who are listening that says if there’s a couple things you need to do, here’s what they are. What would that be Susan??
Answer: So a couple of things they need to do in order to be successful is, first and foremost, they need to understand that while they’re busy disrupting, they need slowly, they need a couple of things. One, they need oxygen. They need brand awareness. They need for people to know that they exist while they’re toiling away into security. We helped them with the map using the media of foil for that. So we feel it’s really important that they’re recognized by the world and how they seek to change it. So that’s step one. 

Hear the full podcast here.

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