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We Want YOU – Who PR Firms Are Looking For Today

The PR industry is one of the most energetic, lively and stimulating industries you can join. But what exactly does it take to succeed?

We won’t waste time with the obvious. Be prompt and professional. Dress the part; don’t stroll into work looking like you got ready in the dark. Also, have a personality, and a pleasant one at that!

Here’s a few more of our favorite tips for the budding PR professional:

Be Punctual

My favorite motto is “early is on-time, and on-time is late.” It couldn’t be truer. Now, don’t pitch a tent and camp out the night before an important meeting, but make sure you’re arriving to these types of events early enough to show you’re organized and prepared.

Be Proactive

Do not be afraid to push the envelope. Consistency is great, if it has been successful; but look for missed opportunities to rebrand a message. Voice your opinions with confidence, even if it doesn’t necessarily align perfectly with the company’s messages. If it doesn’t work for the project at hand, it may spark inspiration for another successful idea.

Be Social

An understanding of the social media space is absolutely required. This doesn’t mean you know how to post a message, or upload a picture. You should know when posting these messages is most effective, which posts increase engagement and how to best reach your audience. Not only is the average person on these social platforms, but also so are agencies, brands, companies, organizations and all those on the administrative side of these groups. Social media is constantly changing. It’s important to stay on top of it.

Be a Writer

You do not have to be a New York Times best seller, but the ability to write clear and well is necessary. Having great ideas is simply not enough; you must be able to articulate them properly. Creative thoughts are only half the work if somebody needs to dictate your messages constantly.

Be Prepared

Know exactly what you are applying for, don’t just memorize the company’s name. Firms know who did their homework beforehand, and who’s half-fasting the interview process. The biggest slap in the face is wasting someone’s time. Go beyond just the agency background – stay up-to-date on the progressing PR industry and be able to provide your insight on how to stay relevant in this sector.

There is a lot of excitement and opportunity in the PR world. The technology and strategies used are constantly evolving, forcing you to continuously adapt and grow as an individual and professional. So, do you think you have what it takes?

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