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When Should Startups Hire a PR Firm?

When Should Startups Hire a PR Firm?

Startup companies blossom almost overnight in some cases. The young ventures, typically apps and tech companies, are in the industry of innovation and solving challenging problems. While brilliant specialists founded these companies, they may not be considered experts in the PR strategies that will further fuel their company’s success.

So when exactly should a startup begin their PR agency search? Well, the answer is simple: before they need one. The last issue you need as a startup, or even as an established company, is to be without coverage during an important business announcement or helpless amidst a public scandal.

Communication is key, so do your research. Learn the ins and outs of your prospective public relations agency, and in turn, make sure they are familiar with your business model, how you operate and what you are looking to gain from the partnership. Discuss which agencies other startups and companies have worked with. Find out if their experiences with these firms were positive or negative, and more importantly, if they would hire them again!

Realistic Expectations…not always easy when you’re shooting for the stars

One important thing every startup seriously needs to remember is to keep their expectations realistic. We get it, you’ve worked your ass off to get this far, and have a mindset that anything is possible (don’t get us wrong, we’re right there with you). While remaining driven and positive is important, knowing where to set your goals is equally critical.

Any news is not always good news. PR teams are comprised of trained professionals who know which announcements should be made on your behalf, and which audiences should be targeted with these releases.

One common myth about PR firms and startups is that you know your story best, so how could a PR firm actually help you? Well, you most definitely understand the ins and outs of your company more than anybody, but do you know how to communicate it effectively? That’s exactly where the PR agency comes into action. These professionals also have access to contacts you most likely don’t even have on your radar.

Perhaps during their early development stages, startups and PR agencies are not the right fit just yet. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense for either party to work together until the startup needs assistance with particular projects later on after launching. But, a PR agency will almost always help your business develop when partnered at the right time, for the right reasons.

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