Our clients are the disruptors.

We’re the connectors.

Our clients are the disruptors. The kinds of thinkers and innovators who come face to face with failure every day, but they don’t let it undermine their confidence. Disruption isn’t easy – but for them, it’s a necessity. And for their industries, it’s inevitable. Our clients are the world’s change agents. They have a point to prove, and a value proposition to uphold. Within them is the courage, the drive and the vision to create change.

We’re the connectors. The kinds of people who see every conversation, every interaction and every relationship as an opportunity to create value. Over the past 15 years, Emerging Media has guided companies along their paths of disruption by forging key connections – connections that validate an idea, and send shock-waves through the market. Within us is the passion, the energy and the expertise to pave the way for true disruption.

Susan Lindner

Susan Lindner

Founder and CEO

We’ve all heard the terms before, the buyer’s journey, the path to success, building a better business culture. And there are hundreds of speakers and books on these topics.

Susan Lindner will actually take you on the leadership journey, help you build your culture, and set you on the path to success–because she’s been there.

Trained as an anthropologist who has traveled and worked in more than 40 countries, Susan understands culture and how to communicate across industries and boundaries. As the CEO and founder of an award-winning PR, marketing and branding agency, she knows the precise steps needed to build a brand and grow a business. As a comedian, she knows the value of stories and humor as the best teachers. Roll them all together and you’ve got the perfect keynote speaker and workshop leader. An insightful business mind, Susan has developed practical tools that you can implement immediately to guide you an impactful change.

Thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies have experienced the impactful and world-changing guidance of Susan’s practical presentations and workshops. Join Susan on the journey to impact, you won’t just reap the rewards of success, you’ll enjoy the entire ride.

Want to book Susan for your next event? Need a messaging session for your team or company? Contact us here: SusanSpeaks@emergingmediapr.com

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“Susan personally shows genuine enthusiasm for our company, our products and its story. This enthusiasm is infectious and yields many benefits beyond the engagement deliverables, such as leads, partner introductions, new product ideas, etc. Emerging Media put our company at the top of our industry. Susan gets it for strategy, messaging, and execution.”


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